Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updated "Non-Mom"

Our voices were heard...power to the people! Within hours of receiving my email, and countless others just like it no doubt, I received an apology from Teleflora and a statement that they were changing the name of the category to Adopting Moms. I think this was a great move on their part. Given the short time frame to the actual broadcast of the contest results show, I don't know how much more they could have done. Sometimes all a person wants is a sincere apology.

Some adopted parents feel strongly that we shouldn't be in a separate category at all. I'm still trying to form my opinion on that one. While I understand the thought process behind this argument (we're all mothers) I do think that the adopted mom role is different. This next statement is important....different is NOT bad and it is NOT inferior. It's just...well...different.

Mothering an adopted child has been one of the greatest personal growth experiences for me. I don't take the privilege of being Maria's mom for granted. It is a priceless gift that came at a much greater emotional and financial cost than with my older children. It has made me think more about my actions as a mom rather than reacting purely on emotion and knee-jerk reactions. I'm certainly not doing it perfectly, but I know that I'm parenting much more intentionally than ever before.

I love all of my children equally but I love them all differently as well. Bio or adopted, there's no sweeter name than "Mom."

Simply stated: Different is not bad, it's just different.