Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My sweet, sweet girl!

This week is a little crazier than normal for us. It's our last week of Awana which is a lot more work for me and includes an appreciation dinner for our leaders and volunteers as well as an awards ceremony. It basically means that we practically live at church from Monday through Wednesday. Both of the girls have been real troopers so far this week and have blessed me beyond words. Just when I thought these two precious girls of mine couldn't be any sweeter, Caroline proves me wrong. (This story will reveal another one of my "issues" but it's worth telling because it was just too darn sweet.)

We got home around 8:30 p.m. after a long day at church. I know you'll think I'm exagerating but this house is truly a wreck. Every room has the remnants of the projects I've been working on for this week and haven't had time to clean up after. It's been so busy that Caroline simply wrote "food" on the grocery list.

Anyway, I realized that I hadn't made my bed which really bums me out. It just feels gross to get into an unmade bed. Who knows what could have landed there during the course of the day? I left the room to get a phone call and came back to find that Caroline had made my bed for me. I think Caroline really understands me. (I wonder which one of my issues she'll discuss first with her therapist).

I know you read my blog, sweet girl. Your momma loves you and thanks you!

Simply stated: Children are a gift from the Lord!


Joan said...

I just caught up on your recent entries (I'm obviously at work). What stuck me dumb was the "non mom" category. If ever there was a "mom" it is you. Keep on sharing your thoughts as I find them extremely worth reading. (no partiallity here._
Love you