Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's just so sad...

While I was doing my 2:00 a.m. email check and blog stalking, I saw a post that the young daughter of one of our favorite singers, Steven Curtis Chapman, had been killed in a horrible accident at their home. During a day of great family celebration with the recent engagement of the Chapman's oldest daughter and the high school graduation party for one of their teenage sons, their 5 year old daughter was accidentally struck and hit while playing in their driveway by an SUV driven by one of the teenage sons. Their daughter's name was Maria and she was apparently a precious child. She was the Chapman' s youngest daughter and their third daughter adopted from China. Sometimes other peoples tragedies stop you for a moment and other times it causes one great pause. This one has consumed my thoughts today.

Having met Steven Curtis Chapman personally at an adoption conference and having talked to him in great detail about the story of how they come to adopt their Maria, I am even more heartbroken for their loss. Years ago Steven had written a song entitled "Who's Gonna Love Maria" This was long before they met their Maria. Steven graciously autographed a CD for our Maria even before we brought her home. The Chapman's organization also gave us a grant to help pay for our Maria's adoption and so I feel in many ways we have been blessed by a family that we've only met very briefly.

This is a two-fold tragedy now that the Chapman's are dealing with the loss of a beloved daughter and also undoubtedly the grief and guilt of their son. Having sons of similar ages my heart breaks for this dear boy and how his life has been altered. I pray that the faith this family was built on will carry them through the rough days to come.

This is a startling reminder of how quickly the landscape of our lives can change and how every moment is precious. May we not stop praying for this sweet and generous family.

Simply stated: Tell somone you love them tonight.