Friday, May 9, 2008

Apparently I'm a "non-mom"

Although I have strong opinions on most everything, I seldom act on those opinions by writing letters or boycotting companies. The time has come to speak up!

Teleflora along with some other sponsors (such as NBC) are having an America's Favorite Mom contest where you choose your favorite mom candidate from several different categories. I was appalled, irate, enraged (I can't find the right word) when I read that adoptive moms are in the "non-mom" category. OMG! The previous sentence screams of ludicrousy!

I immediately sent an email to Teleflora (fortunately...for them...I only had 300 characters so my rant was limited). I wrote the following:

"As an adoptive mom I am truly offended by your recent Mother's Day contest featuring adoptive moms in the "non-Mom" category. We are real mom's with real children. My adopted child has the same privileges (in my heart and in the courts) as my children by birth. This view of adoptive mom's as "non-moms" is hurtful and harmful to every adopted child and the adoptive community. Your carelessness sends the message that these children are somehow less than their peers who had the advantage of being born into their families. Please reconsider this category in future promotions and perhaps educate yourselves on proper adoption terminology and etiquette. Thank you for your time."

I'll have to stew on this and write more later. I'm so mad I can hardly see straight...or spell.

Simply Stated: I'm glad I used 1-800-Flowers to send our Mother's Day gift!