Thursday, May 1, 2008

State of our Union

We've been asked the question often over the past couple of months. "How is Don's job?" (He really likes it by the way). I, on the other hand, have been trying to find an answer that balances the truth with optimism.

I think the heart of the answer actually began about 9 months ago when a little latina tornado entered our world as our firstborn simultaneoulsy left the nest. Change is hard...even good and natural change. And once the change pendulum started to swing it just kept picking up momentum. There was the addition of Maria into our family and the absence of Alex. We homeschooled Caroline and said goodbye to a ministry and co-workers that we loved and respected. Then came Don's job change and new weekly travel schedule. Followed closely by the addition of my part-time job and we've inadvertently created a perfect storm for what feels like merely surviving all the day-to-day demands.

Don and I have developed a divide and conquer battle strategy. Unfortunately, this means that we spend no time together. The good news is that this too shall pass. All of our years of family ministry have taught us that we need to fix this, and fix it fast. We're working on it. (This would be the appropriate time to pick up the phone and offer to keep our girls for an evening:) In the meantime there is great comfort in knowing that Don and I are in this for the long haul and we're ready and willing to do the hardwork to put our marriage back on top of the list of priorities. This is where shared commitment, history, and common goals will prevail over travel schedules, health issues, and pure exhaustion. Notice I intentionally left out the word "love". I love Don with all my being. Love however is an emotion and we know how wishy-washy emotions can be. Now's the time for no-holds-barred commitment and perserverance.

Feel free to ask me the same question in a couple of months when all of the dust of change has settled. In the meantime I'll be doing what I do best to regain control of the mess and mayhem...vacuuming!

Simply stated: Change s*cks! (Please see previous post about appropriate language.)


Stephanie said...

I'll take the girls!