Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Simple Things I Find Very Satisfying

I found this idea on another blogger's site and thought I'd try this out for myself.

Folding warm towels right out of the dryer.
Singing praise songs ... really loud ... by myself.
Back scratches.
The smell of new tires (I know, we've been down this road before).
Coming home.
My morning diet coke -- straight from the can.
Our bed ... especially with clean sheets.
Vacuum cleaner lines in the carpet.
Knowing everyone is safe at home for the night.
A perfectly carbonated diet coke.
Listening to Caroline and Maria giggling.
Children praying.
Sunday lunch after church.
My last diet coke before bed. (hmmm. This may be more of an addiction)
"Drop out days" where we agree to accomplish nothing.

The list could go on and on but now it's your turn. Let me know some of your simple pleasures.

Simply stated: Life is good.


Stephanie said...

Staying in my pajamas til noon.

Wearing tennis shoes and a ponytail (not for a while now :)

Cappuccino Choclate Chip muffin from Java Roasting

Hearing a child say my name

Happy hour at sonic

random text messages with quick encouraging pick me ups from friends

Hearing Seth say a real prayer.

Hot Wings.


bubble baths

When my phone is ringing and I see that it is my friend Stacie callng.

that's all for now...

Benjamin said...

Coca-cola from an icy glass bottle.

The smell of Scamper's fur.

A green lawn, knowing that it's mine.

Scamper waiting at the door when I come home, greeting me with his unique "hello" meow.

A juicy, medium prime rib.

Seeing understanding and appreciation of the subject on my student's faces.

A text or phone call from the teens I hang out with, wanting to hang out with me.

Sunday afternoon Settlers of Catan.

A fresh Krispy Kreme donut.

Another completed project around the house. Hehe, MY house!