Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where have all the good men gone?

I'll tell you!

Zack (oops, I mean Zak) is in Loveland, Colorado tearing up the slopes on a snowboard. He's texted me several times and it sounds like he's having fun. Even though he's seldom home, his presence is certainly missed by the Chalupka women.

Alex is back up (or is it over?) at UCA getting educated so that he can support his parents in their old age. He left to go back early this week and I have to admit it was a little lonely around here Sunday evening. Like I said before, he was a HUGE help with getting us and the Suburban where we needed to go on Sunday. I did text him last night and never heard back. O Alex, where art thou? Are you dissin' your Mom?

Don is in Minneapolis making a living so us girls can stay at home. I realized anew this morning what a luxury it is be able to be at home taking care of my family while having someone else take care of the bills and other pesky necessities. 3 more nights and he'll be home. Yipee!

So there you have it...a few good men.

Simply stated: My three men -- away from home but never far from my heart.