Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogging Blues

Don is 7 days into his 12 day trip and there just seems to be no time or even more accurate, no motivation, to blog. There's the obvious time issue with myself being the sole caretake for the girls all day, everyday. And with them both being homeschooled (or "unschooled" as we have been calling it these days) there is never a break. Just a trip to the bathroom without Maria knocking on the door would be a welcome treat. Throw in the additional household chores (can I just tell you how much I hate taking out the trash. Don's going to have a cow when he sees where I put the trash cans to make it "more convenient!"), keeping track of Zack, the addition of 3 nights of soccer, hours spent updating my resume and references, cleaning out closets for spring and my usual schedule is shot.

Not to mention that when Don's away everyone is a little out of sorts. Maria says her heart feels empty. It reminds me of when you were a child and your best friend would go on vacation and you would mope around the house thinking that you wouldn't survive until they returned. I realize when Don is away how much his presence in the house gives me a confidence and a purpose that I otherwise don't possess. Is that good? I don't know. But after 27 years together it's just the way it is.

I was joking with Don's dad and mom the other day that it has been so nice that nothing had broken in his absence. Ooops, I spoke to soon. After church today the Suburban wouldn't start. Fortunately, Alex was there to get us where we needed to go and AAA was just a phone call away to have the beast towed (and yes, I checked the's fine). I want a new car! My friend Cindy reminded me that I am supposed to be content. What's up with that? I may be in the market for a new best friend!

Maybe when Don comes home on Friday I'll have something fun to say. For now I think I'll just go to bed and get ready to start another day. Hopefully, we'll make it through the night with no bed wetting or thunderstorms so I can actually sleep by MYSELF!

Simply stated: Come home, Don!