Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter "Fun" 2008

Easter Sunday brought a visit from the Easter Bunny. Or was it the Easter Ferret? Dude, what happened to your ears?! I quess that's what happens when you spend the other 364 days of the year stuffed in the back of a '98 Jeep Cherokee.

I'm not sure which was funnier...Alex as the Easter Bunny (complete with bowling shoes) or...

the paparrazi taking pictures to use as blackmail at a time and place to be determined.

The day before Easter Maria got to decorate her first batch of Easter eggs. I was so glad Don made it home to help with this. Mommy doesn't "do" eggs or jack-0-lanterns.

Here's a picture of the "pro" getting it done!
It was a great weekend with everyone home. I realized recently that I was so concentrated on my men all being home that I'd forgotten that Maria is "home" for the first time this year. In some ways it seems like she's always been here. The pain of bringing her home is quickly becoming a distant memory.
So the whole family was together for Easter. Even better we all sat together at church. There aren't many things that make me quite as happy as when we all sit together in the same pew to worship our Risen Savior.
Simply stated: He is risen indeed!


Joan said...

Well, like daughter, like mother. I have been so busy (by my standards) that I have not kept up with your entries. I am now at work and have enjoyed reading all the back issues. (Don't tell Dr. Jones.) You are such an excellent story teller. The pictures and commentaries really mean a lot to grandparents who can't be there in person. Keep up the good work