Sunday, September 7, 2008

Put on your party hats...

and join the angels rejoicing in heaven! We have a new little sister in Christ...Maria Fernanda.

Maria has been asking to be baptized since vacation Bible school but I've been putting her off. My concern was that she didn't really understand what baptism symbolized and was more excited about going for a swim at church.

Over that past couple of months we have had many opportunities to talk about Jesus. During this time she has developed a keen sensitivity to matters of right and wrong and is quick to show remorse for her wrong doingings.

On our way out of church this afternoon she ran up to our pastor for the umpteenth time and asked when she could be baptized. I told Maria before we talked to Brother Allan again that we needed to really talk about asking Jesus into her heart. I told her to remind me when we got home. I thought that would be it for a while.


We had just returned from a Sam's Club run and I hadn't even had time to find a place for the 50 lb. tub of animal crackers when she asked me if we could talk. And so we did.

Using the pamphlet "Do you want to belong to God's family?" we talked about sin, separation from God, hell (the bad place), the crucifixion and resurrection, God's gift of eternal life and how to accept His Gift. And she really got it. She prayed a sweet and sincere prayer asking God to forgive her and help her do right so that she can live with Him forever in heaven.

All those years of praying for Maria to join our family and now she is part of God's family too.

Simply stated: I have no greater joy.


Emily Bertholic said...

Sweet Maria, thanks for sharing your news with me at church tonight!!! I am SO EXCITED for this wonderful step in your life! What a direct answer to the prayers of your Mommy and Daddy, as well as so many people at church who love you. I'm looking forward to watching Jesus change your life as you grow closer to Him. I love you girl!

Stephanie said...

I don't know the symbols to use for doing cartwheels online (you know like smiling :-)

But I always do cartwheels when I'm really that's what my heart is doing!

Anonymous said...

Go God!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Hudson's are so excited to have another Chalupka to enjoy eternity with. Maria, we are so proud of you. The way you listened in VBS and then asked questions to understand is awesome! Keep listening and asking questions as you grow in Jesus.

Diann said...

How beautiful!