Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm a Dot Com

I have the coolest kids. And cool kids give cool birthday gifts.

Alex bought me the domain name For now it simply links you to my blog at blogspot but the possibilities are endless. He says tech support comes with the gift.

Unfortunately Alex gave me the gift very subtly and I'm not so good at subtle. He sent me an email on my birthday including the link to my new website. I just thought it was a happy birthday email and didn't notice the .com at the end of my simplystatedstacie. It wasn't until lunch today that I discovered the gift within the email. And that's only because Maria asked Alex where his present for Mommy was. Sorry Alex. I LOVE my gift.

Zak ordered me my very own MP3 player. I can't wait to get it. He says tech support comes with the gift.

My teens are going to pull me into the 21st century despite my own ineptitude with technology.

Alex also took Caroline and Maria to Kohl's to pick out gifts for me.

Caroline bought me a bath set with one of my favorite scents. I also received a gift card. I see shopping in my future.

Maria (with Alex's help) picked me out a really nice necklace. It reminds me of something that Betty Rubble might wear. It's really cute.

And Don had roses sent to work on Thursday. The note that accompanied the cards made me cry. I don't have his permission to post what he wrote but if you ask me I'll tell you.

Simply stated: I love birthdays!


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I'm jealous! What a cool gift! Your boys rock....and you know how much I love your girls.

Your blog title reminded me of Truvy in Steel Magnolia's when her husband surprises her with another beauty shop and she exclaims "I'm a franchise!"