Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free to a good home

Middle-aged mixed breed dog (old mutt).

House-trained (except when he decides to pee on your brand new laminate floor.)

Great disposition (except when cornered under a countertop avoiding being put in his crate for peeing on brand new laminate flooring at which point he tries to bite the hand that's dragging him from his hiding place.)

Well-behaved (except when he escapes the confines of the kitchen when no one is home because someone leaves the gate open during which time he proceeds to pull food and trash out of every accessible trash can, drag stuffed animals from room to room, jump on the furniture as is evident by the pounce marks on the cushions, and eats underwear--these are just the things I know about.)

In good health (except for the chronic anal gland infections and epilepsy requiring twice a day doses of medication).

Only slightly neurotic exhibiting symptoms such as nail biting, leg chewing (his own) and chronic floor licking.

Simply Stated: Any takers?


Benjamin said...

No you are not....

Emily Bertholic said...

No thanks! These things are part of the reason why our sweet doggies are now living on a ranch in Memphis and not here.

cindy woodall said...

If you have any takers, they can have a 2 for 1 deal and I'll throw Maggie in at no charge!