Friday, July 11, 2008

Major Bummer

I didn't get the job I had been hoping for at LRCA (where two of my crew will attend school this fall). I had turned the outcome of my application and my interview for yearbook advisor position over to God months ago. After all He knows what's best for me and my family. I had even talked myself into thinking maybe I wouldn't take the job if it was offered. Well it wasn't and rejection hurts. Zack (who is a major player on the yearbook staff) cheered me up a bit by saying that the new person better be good or he would quit. Thanks for being on my side, son.

It's crunch time for career planning. Do I stay at Hobby Lobby and increase my hours? On the upside of this job it does offer some flexibility with little stress. It does, however, require working one evening and every other Saturday in addition to school hours. Or do I find something else? The downside to this is that no one's offering me anything. Maybe a reality check is in order. I think I'm facing a little mid-life crisis here. Perhaps some shopping therapy is in order. But that will have to wait cause right now I need to get ready for work. *sigh*

Simply stated: What do I want to be when I grow up?


Emily Bertholic said...

I take it the every other Saturday was the result of a phone call I encouraged you to make. Keep trusting the Lord, Stacie. Not that you aren't already, but I'll encourage you again to give it to Him. He has the right job for you, and He will direct you to it as you wait on Him. I love you, my friend.