Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It all started innocently enough

I was just going to vacuum the threshold to Zak's room. After all, it does directly intersect with my parts of the house. Just a few feet, I reminded myself. No one would have to know about it. But there it was. Just a little further inside the room. Taunting me. One of those plastic thingamabobbers that affixes the tags on to new clothing. Once I saw it there, I just couldn't leave it. That would be wrong.

Call it a compulsion but I just had to vacuum it up. This of course led to another piece of lint and another, and a trail of fruit snack wrappers and a few errant socks. Before I knew it I had picked up and vacuumed his entire room!

What is wrong with me I ask you? only gets worse, friends.

Because, then I...dusted. I couldn't help it. Do you hear my cry for help?

Then I sewed a button on a pair of his shorts and started packing his lunch for his first day of school.

At least Zak appreciated my efforts. He arrived home talking on his cell phone. I walked into his room, made a sweeping gesture with my arms, and mouthed the words "do you see how clean your room is?" I got a thumbs up. Next I presented him with the newly buttonized pair of shorts. He mouthed the words "thank you" accompanied by a big grin.

I don't know. Maybe I was absent the day God handed out common sense and boundaries. Maybe I'm just that much of a control freak. Or quite possibly, I just like doing nice things for my teens who are needing me less and less every day. What's done is done.

Oh, and Alex, I'm coming your way next.

Simply stated: Somethings never change.