Monday, June 23, 2008

My Sweet Husband

Don left for his weekly travel this morning. He left a day early and left us girls sitting in our pajamas and feeling totally unmotivated. In the few short moments that I saw him this morning he did manage to touch my heart in a way that only the love of my life could do.

He had left for the airport a little earlier than planned to make an urgent stop at the store for more Chigger-X. This is a miracle cream of sorts that helps to relieve the itch caused by chigger bites. Unfortunately for Don, the chiggers love him.

Not 20 minutes later the door opened and in walks Don. Uh-oh, what did you forget I inquired. He came out of our room slipping his wedding band on his finger. "My ring." It seems that in his itch-induced haste to get out of the door that morning he had forgotten to put it back on. Knowing my insecurities like only Don does, he knew that if I were to discover his wedding ring left behind I would have concocted all kinds of scenarios for why he would have forgotten it. Don realizes that his traveling is hard on me and my wild imagination and he wanted to make sure I had no reason to doubt him. So much so that he didn't even have time to get the Chigger-x.

I'll have to pray this week that God will reward this man with a miracle and make his two-day supply of Chigger-x last all week. You know He can do it!

Simply Stated: Don, your sacrifice was noticed and appreciated. Love you!