Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The boys are away... the girls will play. Don is in Minneapolis on business. Zack is on his second of back-to-back mission trips. Alex is making himself scarce by either working, housesitting, or honing his hacker skills. Yes, my friends, be very afraid.

So the estrogen-packing members of our family have been left to entertain ourselves. We've done so by crafting, shopping, and a free movie thrown in to break up the monotony.

Our first project involved using strips of fabric to decorate flip-flops (1/2 price at Hob-Lob this week) to make weird funky footwear. These will be our summer "house shoes" since we don't wear our street shoes in the house. And yes, big surprise here, I have great issue with wearing shoes in the house that have ever set foot outside. Have you ever taken a moment to look at the ground and actually see what you walk on? Just thinking about it makes we want to throw-up a little. Gotta move on.

Next we made a new and super summery flower arrangement for the bedside table in the girls' room. The flowers were on clearance at Hobby-Lobby and every time somebody came through my line to buy them, I thought of my girls. I just had to bring some home. And, oh, how I love a good sale.

Speaking of good sales...I got this fabulous skirt at Kohl's for $4.80 (regularly $48.00)! Caroline and I both agreed that I couldn't afford not to buy it. I know however, that Don will not agree with our flawed logic. But, hey, he's not here! Unfortunately for my debit card, I don't have a top to go with this skirt which will require...more shopping. Tomorrow is another day.


Our free movie was Shrek III. I'm glad it was free because it wasn't worth the price of gas to drive to the theater. Now I'm far from prudish and I can laugh at "potty" humor with the best of 'em. This movie, however, was over the top including portraying one of the step-sisters from Cinderella as a cross-dresser. 'Nuf said.

I think we're in for the evening, although the dog does need food. If he get's too hungry, I'll give him a bowl of cereal. If it's good enough for Maria's dinner it's good enough for Shorty!

Simply stated: I love summer!


Diann said...

I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in Frederick! I love the shoes and the flower arrangement! Such girly fun...I love it!

Benjamin said...

You never mentioned taking off shoes when I come over. I feel bad now. :(

Oh yeah, we're home!!!! Estrogen-fest over!

Stacie said...

Ben, I was going to say that guests are exempt from the shoe thing but then I thought you're more like family than a guest. So...Ben, please take your shoes off when you come over. Have you never noticed the shoe "parking lot" in the foyer?