Monday, February 25, 2008

Rocky Road

Parenting can certainly be described as a "Rocky Road" especially during the teen and pre-teen years. We've got three of them! Add into the mixture an almost six year old who is adjusting to life in a new country, with a new family, and a new language and it's time to fasten our seatbelts.

However, in the midst of all the worries and hassles over things like grades and the internet, driving and curfews, friends and hormones, dirty laundry and even dirtier bathrooms (there's a reason why we call it the man cave), are those precious moments that bless a mother's heart. They're not the particularly triumphant moments that the world would see as worthwhile. Still, they are significant none the less.

Here's my top 10 list of seemingly small yet significant blessings just in the past two days:

10. getting to hear Zack play drums at church
9. having Alex agree to pick up Caroline from choir so we can attend community group
8. being joined at lunch on Sunday by 8 of the boys' friends
7. watching both of my daughters hold hands as they walk into Sunday school
6. hearing Caroline and Maria laugh, tickle, and play
5. getting a spontaneous hug from Caroline
4. having Maria kiss my boo-boos
3. seeing Alex use his gifts to serve on the AV team at church
2. watching Alex and Zack play video games together

and the #1 blessing.

1. having Zack walk in the door after a long day of school, track practice and a church meeting carrying a half gallon of "rocky road" ice cream because he remembered I had a craving two days ago!

Simply stated...I am a blessed woman!



Joan said...


Joan said...

My commen did not go through again. This is the last time.

Joan said...

Okay, now it went through. Dad and I have always said writing is your talent and we do look forward to keeping up with your insights and humor. As always, proud parents.

Amy D. said...

What great examples of God's blessings!!!