Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wedding Etiquette Survey

Last weekend we attended the wedding of a young couple at our church. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were honored to be included in their special day.

At the reception I was searching for the gift table to place our card. A good friend of mine was curious why I would be giving a gift at the wedding since I had already brought a gift to the bride-to-be's shower. I must have looked a little confused by her question. She went on to explain that they only buy one gift even if invited to both functions.

My this a southern thing? I asked my friend from California who agreed with our east coast ways. I asked another Arkansas friend who confirmed that they, too, only purchase one gift. Please, please, please post your responses as to what your customs dictate. I'm really curious about this one.

Another thing about southern weddings is that people don't use RSVP cards. this a southern thing or just a new trend in weddings?

And while we're on the topic of north vs. south, I feel as though I've marked some right of passage into southern-womanhood as I've used Ro-tel in our last two meals and neither entree included cheese dip.

We also drink sweet tea on a regular basis.

I must admit as well that I've used the word "buggy" referring to a shopping cart and the work "sack" in place of the more northern alternative bag. Y'all are rubbing off on me.

Simply stated: I best be fixin' to get ready for community group.


Emily Bertholic said...

Ha ha!!! In California we bring a gift to the wedding even if we've already bought a shower gift. =)

Haley said...

It depends on how close my relationship is with the couple.
RSVP cards tend to be a waste of $$ because there is a formula to use that will generally estimate the # of guests about as well as RSVP cards; however, I do get quite a few invitations with them. Very fun to note north/south differences:)

Benjamin said...

I agree with depends on how close you are to the person. Family would probably buy something for the shower, the "honey-do" party, and the wedding. But I brought my gift to the wedding too. At previous friends' events, I did the same...with an odd look or two. Oh well.

Let's talk about some other Southern (correct) words. Everything is Coke, right? When we went to Ohio, it was "soda" and it was Pepsi. Yuck! One that always sticks with me...when I went to NY, I was looking for Houston St and no one knew what I was saying. Then one subway traveler said "oh, 'house-ton'" (as in not 'hue-stun'). Weird.

carole v said...

As someone who was born in the south but spent quite a bit of time in the north, I take a gift to both. I always thought that was a southern trait but maybe not.